Have a Bike?

Since this event is a pre-conference tour to the World Canals Conference, some participants will be coming from afar. We are asking local community members to lend a bike if you have an extra. Tour the Towpath participants who lend a bike which is matched with a user will receive a special gift. To participate, check the box at registration to indicate that you would like to lend a bike and enter a description, or email Sarah Krisch with a description and photo of the bicycle (sarah.krisch@madisoncounty.ny.gov). We will add the information to this page, for people who need to borrow a bicycle. 

Need a Bike?

See the bikes that are available to borrow on the list below. They have been lent by the local community, maybe even by someone you will be riding with.  Contact Sarah Krisch to reserve one of the bicycles (sarah.krisch@madisoncounty.ny.gov). 


Available Bicycles:

1898 Tandem yellow fellow

1898 Tandem yellow fellow


This 1898 Stearns Tandem Yellow Fellow is a stand in photo until some bikes are submitted by real community members. Did you that Stearns bicycles were manufactured in Syracuse NY at the turn of the century. Syracuse and Utica were a huge hub of bike manufacturing and culture!

To reserve, call or email Sarah: +1 (315) 366 2377 or sarah.krisch@madisoncounty.ny.gov